Twitter for Liaisons

Outreach and Engagement through Social Media

Not  Intro to Mechanics of Twitter

maybe another day...

Twitter: Why bother?


Twitter: What's in it for me?

So (too?) Many Ways to Contact Us:

  • RefDesk, Email, Phone
  • Text, Chat, Online Appt Scheduling
  • Roving Reference, Dpt Office Hours, Embedded Instruction

What's Different?

Folks Use It Many Different Ways

A few possibilities...

Promote Your Work

Follow Topics that Interest You

(Twitter spreads news fast)

Learn from Peers

Respond to (Direct or Indirect) User Frustration/Questions

Even use it to interact with your class

Live Tweet or Follow Event Tweets

Follow What Interests Your Students/Faculty

Say and Share What Interests You:

  • Article you'd like to share
  • Your comment on an article you'd like to share
  • Cool new resource you found
  • Question that has you stumped
  • Question you finally figured out (triumph!)
  • (Personal? Professional? Both? -> It's your persona...)

I don't get it. Nothing's happening

It's just a tool to communicate

But, there is a huge, constant conversation going on
(social media)

Some key characteristics of this social media tool:

  • Has to be short (pithy, point to longer content)
  • Casual
  • Fast (before official announcement, news item, blog post)
  • Democratic and encourages interaction
  • Organic (more interesting = more followers)
  • Embeddable (post as an example, feed to enliven sporadic site)

Think about what you want it to be

for you

Something Distinct from Official Channels

  • @bostoncollege
  • @bclibraries
  • @burnslibrary

Building Your  Network:

  • Institutions, Organizations, Media
  • Authors, Artists, Politicians, Journalists, Actors
  • Your Peers
  • Your Faculty/Students?

Building Your  Brand:

  • @brapple: I tweet and share about #OpenAccess, Higher Ed Administration, and interesting new #poetry compilations.
  • @lhomzie: I follow changes in the fields of #Communications, #GenderStudies, and sometimes retweet about mothers of #multiples.
  • @bmento: All things #Econ, #Math, #Data, and #Maps!

Getting Started

Social Media at BC


Google Your Faculty, Grad Students

  • Often include Twitter links via other profiles
  • Make a list
  • Try Searching